Favorites of Another Flavor

Other Christian Sites of Interest

Founders Ministries
Committed to historic Southern Baptist principles. General information, Ministries, On-line Resources.

The On-line Bible Software Site will allow you to freely download many different translations, commentaries, books, and other resources to use with a free computer Bible.

Reasoning from the Scriptures
Dr. Ron Rhodes Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary. A Worldwide Resource Center to Help You Grow Strong in the Word.

The Bible Bulletin Board
Many Bible resources, on-line purchase and free materials available.

An excellent resource for Christian books and materials at greatly reduced prices.

Let Us Reason Ministries
An apologetic ministry in Hawaii, doing research on cults, world religions, new movements within the Church and giving Biblical answers for the Christian faith.

Family Links

Shade Tree Physics
My older brother, Robert S. Fritzius, has spent much time and effort to provide an interesting and popular site whose primary focus is physics but which also includes information on many discrete subjects. (Bring your thinking hat)

Mr. Herman's Home Page
My Nephew, Eric Fritzius, has created an unusual site that will be enjoyed by many. He has a creative intellect and is a superb storyteller. (IMHO) Some may take offence due to instances of "earthy" language. I would rate the site as PG.

Websites about, for and by Fritzii
(most of these sites are not immediate family) Content runs the full gamut.
Other Links

Rockport Baptist Church
A Southern Baptist church located in Arnold, MO that is committed to the historic truths of the Reformation. It offers sound, biblical theology and a blend of contemporary and traditional worship styles in a family-oriented environment.

Stuff and Things
This business creates beautiful beadwork jewelry and novelties along with other items of interest.

Camp Branch Baptist Church
The Pastor of this Southern Baptist church in Sedalia, MO liked the design of Rockport's site and asked that I create a similar site for their church.

Littleby Baptist Church
A Southern Baptist congregation located near Mexico, MO that is committed to God's truth as revealed in the pages of the Bible. This website is an extension of their efforts to be a great commission church that engages in outreach and teaching.

D & D Paving, LLC
D & D Paving is a customer oriented company specializing in the maintenance and repair of asphalt pavement. They provide quality, cost-efficient paving to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential clients throughout the St Louis area.

Math With Joseph
Free help for students who do not share his passion for math, as well as those who are mathematically inclined and on a career track towards a mathematics degree. Tutoring is primarily focused on elementary math, high school algebra, high school trigonometry, college algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. He also has some background in probability and statistics and a bit of knowledge in linear algebra.
Handy Hardware Sites

Look-up definitions for all those technical terms and acronyms that seem to be multiplying out of control.

The best place on the Internet to purchase computer hardware. Includes product pictures, customer reviews and specifications. Extensive inventory mix, fast shipping - great prices!

Similar product mix as provided by NewEgg. On occassion I find individual items here at lower cost than NewEgg. Also has fast, reliable service. Product info is good.

Tom's Hardware
Computer product research, extensive reviews of the latest hardware and many side by side comparisons.

Another great source for Computer hardware analysis, reviews and Tech news.

Price Watch
This site is handy for doing price comparisons to insure you aren't overpaying for product.